I am a multidisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses assemblage sculpture, collage, and video. My process begins with, and is informed by, an extensive collection of children’s toys, decorative objects, and craft materials. Courting chance, I seek out discoveries of objects found in isolation from their mass-produced clones. This activity’s alignment with environmental concerns only became obvious as my work progressed, deepening my attraction to plastics and providing a limit to work within.

The collection primarily consists of highly artificial representations of natural forms. Plastic signifies planetary destruction and is thus more hastily banished to thrift stores and landfills than ever. I imbue these lone objects with precious care in an effort to rescue them from their classification as unsightly taboo.

I work at assembling sculptures as if they are puzzles, seeking out even the most minuscule synchronistic moments when the parts happen to fit together just so and begin to speak as a single form. Together, this queer cast of sculptures diffuse the boundary between nature and artifice.